On Wednesday, June 17, 2020 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City, the Mid-Hudson Region, and Long Island are all expected to move forward an additional level under the State’s reopening plan within the next week. Currently, New York City is in Phase One, and the Mid-Hudson and Long Island are in Phase Two.

Per the Governor, New York City will advance to Phase Two on Monday, June 22, 2020. So far, dates the Governor has publicly stated for advancing any region have held true, but Mayor Bill de Blasio has been more cautious on this point, believing that the City would not meet the criteria for Phase Two until July 1 at the earliest. Under Phase Two, the following industries may reopen: (1) professional services and offices ; (2) in-store retail ; (3) retail rental, repair, and cleaning; (4) real estate services; (5) vehicle sales, rentals, and leasing ; (6) hair salons and barbershops; (7) commercial building management; and (8) outdoor and take-out food services.

Mid-Hudson is expected to advance to Phase Three on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, with Long Island to follow on June 24, 2020. Under Phase Three, the following businesses may reopen: (1) personal care services, such as tattoo parlors, massage therapy, spas, tanning, and waxing; and (2) indoor food services that meet the proper distancing guidelines.


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