Over the past two months, numerous state legislatures introduced bills targeted toward voiding the virus exclusion included in most business interruption insurance provisions in commercial property policies.  None of the bills have made significant advances, likely due to a combination of lobbying efforts by the insurance industry and the constitutional challenge to any law that

On Friday, April 17, 2020, six federal class action complaints were filed against six insurance companies in six different states seeking coverage under Business Income coverage parts of insurance policies to obtain relief for losses occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have previously reported on individual suits filed against Certain Underwriters of Lloyd’s of London

In a case where no insurance company or insurance claim was involved, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling that could potentially negate one of the insurance industry’s standard bases for denial of coverage of business income claims—i.e. that COVID-19 did not result in “direct physical loss to insured property.”  The decision will likely be

Following in the footsteps of numerous state legislatures that are attempting to compel insurance companies to retroactively cover COVID-19 related business income losses, the Federal government may be taking action. A discussion draft of a bill that would establish a Federal program is being developed.  The program, currently named the “Pandemic Risk Insurance Act of