With the battle over data privacy between Apple and the Department of Justice at the forefront of the news cycle, business owners across the country are likely asking themselves: what responsibilities do I have in protecting sensitive customer data?

Firstly, the government has enacted a number of statutes and regulations to further their interest in

Each year state, local and federal agencies award billions of dollars in contracts to private businesses and of those contracts awarded, government agencies set aside a percentage of business opportunities or contacts for certified Women Business Enterprises (WBE).  These government set-asides are for businesses certified as a WBE and sometimes require additional certification as a

Starting a new business is almost always accompanied by exuberance and optimism. Too often, new partners dedicate all their time and effort developing business plans, finding capital, and soliciting customers while overlooking important housekeeping matters that can avoid costly intra-company disputes. Here are five ways to avoid trouble in paradise.

Have a Written Operating Agreement